Veteran Actor, Dan Emeni Needs Our Help

Dan Emeni. Remember him? Recall the producer and director of some of Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) classic television series and soaps of the 90’s including ‘Wind of Destiny’, ‘Behind the Clouds’ and ‘Supple Blues’ who also featured as an actor as Yusuf (Uncle Gaga’s son) in the defunct series by the NTA ‘Cock Crow At Dawn’?

Well, the veteran actor, producer, and director who worked in the NTA for more than one decade before he relocated to the United States are seriously in need of assistance of well-meaning Nigerians to get him out of a life-threatening illness.

The motion picture practitioner who also played the role of Bayo (Efe’s boyfriend) in the defunct television series ‘Behind The Clouds’ recently returned to Nigeria to continue to practice his first love.

The hardworking and always smartly dressed Emeni had barely got his groove back when he was diagnosed with a disease that has left him with a swollen abdomen. It was his sparring partner on ‘Behind The Clouds’, Evelyn Ikuenobe-Otaigbe (She played Efe in the defunct series) who brought Emeni’s plight to the attention of his colleagues and friends.

Evelyn shared the pictures of Emeni with a swollen abdomen on her Facebook wall and wrote ‘’This is my friends Dan Emeni, a veteran actor, producer, and director…who has been diagnosed with hypertension, heart failure, liver cirrhosis and ascites (swollen abdomen).

He is financially drained and needs to go for treatment in India within the shortest possible time.’’
Evelyn volunteered Emeni’s account details (First Bank 2000101736) and appealed to his colleagues and well-meaning Nigerians to come to the aid of the motion picture practitioner, who put a smile on the faces of many as a producer of most of yesterday’s classic on television.

‘’We must rally round to help Dan Emeni get back to what he loves doing. God bless you all as you reach out to help a brother,’’ she surmised.

Dan Emeni.


Emmanuel Ajibulu is the publisher of VERACITYDESK.

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