Unveiling Female Banker Behind Popular ‘Otoge’ Herbal Bitters, Toyin Mariam Olibale

The competitive market of herbal bitters drinks has just welcome an addition. It is called ‘Otoge’ (‘it is enough’ in Yoruba meaning).

‘Otoge Bitters’, according to the beautiful lady behind the initiative, Toyin Mariam Olibale, was registered for public consumption in 2019 and was soon introduced at public events, a decision she said gave the product an instant advantage over its competitors.

The Owo, Ondo State born banker explained during a chat that Otoge Bitters maintains an edge because it is made from carefully chosen tropical plant extracts and the response thus far from customers corroborates its proven medicinal values.

”The brand is made of two unique types of alcoholic and nonalcoholic bitters that have their roots in the traditional herbs that are meticulously researched. Otoge is specifically formulated and produced with African herbs, for better intake,” Toyin stated.

One of the acclaimed health benefits of herbal bitters of Otoge type include improving free blood circulation in the body, their alleged functions as anti-malaria and anti-feverish repellants. However, one amazing benefit that has driven this particular brand is its aphrodisiac power.”

A brief research carried out on the streets particularly about Otoge brand of bitters, interacting with some of its users, provided encouraging feedbacks.

Apart from the recommendation by the producers that the Otoge brand is an effective remedy for back aches, body pains, pile, irregular menstruation and more, majority of those we spoke to claimed that the products ”boost sexual desire”. Yet, others say it makes them get high.

”The alcohol content of a 100ml bottle is 30% thus that it can maximize the health effects without the consumer incurring any adverse long term effects. And the prices are very affordable,” Toyin stressed, stating her determination to make the brand ”the best and most sought-after bitters drink on offer in the Nigerian market.”

Toyin, who declared her readiness to quit banking ”as soon as Otoge becomes a household name”, said she was confident of success because her products are carefully made for the pleasure and safety of consumers.

”It is made our priority from inception to ensure that Otoge drinks meet the health and other needs of its users, and we have not lost momentum even though we are very young in the market. And we are determined to sustain the pace,” she concludes.

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