Lagos state govt ready to deal with offenders crossing the highway

On a yearly basis, 1.35 million people die in road crashes worldwide, an average of 3,380 deaths per day. Twenty-two percent of these deaths are pedestrians.

For users of pedestrian bridges, safety is the major motivation.

People are now crossing the highway under pedestrian bridges without fear of sanction. But it’s been on for a while.

They know its not right to cross the expressway the way they do and acknowledge it nonetheless

Some residents of Lagos want more awareness to be created on the dangers of crossing the highway.

The commissioner for transport in Lagos says the present administration is concerned about the safety of residents of the state, and offenders will be dealt with according to the law.

His message for commuters is clear.

There are now 64 traffic offences and penalties in Lagos but none against pedestrians who fail to use the bridges. It is expected that the State government would create plans to curb the vandalism of amenities such as the road barricades.

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