Apostle Suleman’s Messages of Hope At Easter

The 2019 Easter celebration is coming with an outpouring of grace and blessing as servant of God and senior pastor at Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) worldwide, Apostle (Prof.) Johnson Suleman, delivers messages of hope and total restoration.

Following a successful outing in Russia where the OFM between Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17, 2019, held the Moscow edition of a two-day soul-restoring crusade, Apostle Suleman is back home to bless the people with the anointing of total restoration and to pass to the hopeless the message of a second chance.

The theme of the cleric’s message is based on the fact that since Resurrection is made possible, even though the world presently suffers social and economic blows, there is hope of a new life.

Starting from the Good Friday special service held on April 19, 2019, at the OFM headquarters in Auchi, Edo State, Nigeria, Apostle Suleman’s messages suggest that faith in the Christian tradition, the risen Jesus Christ, brings more light and more hope against the darkness, depression and despair in man’s life.

“What you could not do in five years, in the next 72 hours, God is empowering you to do it, the ‘Restoration Apostle, as Suleman is fondly called, ministered, as he commanded that they be rolled out from people’s lives “every stone of poverty, marital delay, curses, shame, stagnation, unemployment, financial problems, diseases, satanic afflictions and bondages.”

Suleman posits that anytime the devil reminds a man of his past, it means he (the devil) has run out of materials on what to use against the man, “therefore,” he states, with a hope for restoration, man must delete the thought from his mind and remind the devil of his future, which is Hell.”

The servant of God, at all time, teaches on the Biblical evidence capable of convincing unbelievers that Jesus, indeed, did rise from the dead and thus back up His fact of being the Son of God. The Resurrection, he lectures, is the linchpin of the Christian faith; no resurrection, no Christianity.

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