Apostle Suleman Prophesies Colour of April 2024

The world will not end in April. Servant of God and General Overseer of the Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) worldwide, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has assured people of God that it is not yet the moment for rapture. According to the cleric popularly referred to as ‘The Restoration Apostle’, “the month of April 2024 smells of healing, transformation, blessings and success”.

Although incredible celestial events are already happening, and some of the indications God forewarned would occur prior to the rapture are occurring, Apostle Suleman is speaking prophetically into the month of April 2024, promising God’s restoration of lives. Apostle Suleman has prophesied opportunities; divine interventions, meaningful breakthroughs, healing from afflictions, adding that April 2024 is indeed the start of a defining moment in the life of God’s people.

The prophecy of the servant of God suggests that believers’ biggest challenges of the past would lead to their biggest testimonies as the month of April counts. At his birthday celebrations in March, Apostle Suleman offered prayers for the restoration of Nigeria, family, communities, and the world at large. He was specifically focused on Nigeria, praying that it overcomes its challenges in economic and social activities.

In one of his sermons, Apostle Suleman states that “God is truth; truth is protection; truth delivers and it saves’. He says the month of April promises total deliverance. He prays that people experience fruitfulness, divine turnaround, and that the creative power of God begins to manifest in every area of their lives. He prays for all-round rest, spirit of favour, and divine goodwill upon every household.

Speaking of the power of prayer, Apostle Suleman’s sermon indicates that prayer is more than a monologue from believer to being; it is a dialogue between Creator and creature. God is interested in us praying; He wants us to ask and He wants to answer our prayers. He is interested in answering our prayers. Thus, if we’re looking to live, prayer is the air we breathe.

Concluding, Apostle Suleman demands of God, in the month of April, and beyond, that the recurrent cycle of sorrow in the life of people is arrested; ease and favour are declared, and the Spiritual Authority neutralizes and annuls every satanic declaration over people’s life.

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