Apostle Suleman Decries Nigeria’s Poor Leadership  +his newly fulfilled prophecies for 2020  

Popular Nigerian pastor, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has denounced Nigerian political leaders for what he described as their impassive style towards those they lead.

Suleman, who is the senior pastor at the Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) worldwide, declared during a recent virtual sermon that Nigerian leaders are often not emotionally connected with those they profess to lead, stating that misconducts in the country have become normal due to leadership failure.

“In Nigeria, killings have become normal,” posits the servant of God, warning that leaders, especially the current administration, be cautious with its policies because “they will not be in power forever.”

Apostle Suleman lamented what he called lack of empathy by Nigerian leaders, which he noted, restrains their ability to understand and share the feelings of the masses. He said; “strong leaders will take responsibility for their actions and will defend their subjects, but poor leaders will do exactly the opposite while they will blame those before them and will evade their responsibilities to save face.”

“No one is safe now. Even in northern Nigeria, both Muslims and Christians are so unsafe. Killings have become normal and condolences now sound like felicitations. Hardly do we finish mourning one before another happens. Shame to the leadership,” he chided, adding that a religious leader like him is determined to be at the forefront of working through the pulpit to mould great future leaders for Nigeria and the world, as a whole.

Meanwhile, another three of Apostle Suleman’s prophecies for the New Year have come to fulfillment. A renowned prophet who truly hears from God, Suleman’s regular fulfilled messages do point to a God who is active and also serves as evidence for His working in human history, which, indeed, does increase openness to the Gospel.

In a viral video clip that contained the divine message in November, 2019, Apostle Suleman said that God revealed to him that many members of the so-called cabal (at the Nigeria’s seat of power) would not be alive in 2021. “When I got back, I just sat down. And the Lord told me, He said, son, I want to talk to you. Step out, step aside. I said to Him, can you give me a minute. I stepped to a corner and He said take a pen. He said to me, concerning government, in 2021 there will be no cabal. Because, many people who are presently in the cabal won’t be alive,” he revealed.

The nation currently witnessed the alarm at the presidency, first with the death of the president’s chief of staff, who was believed to be a leader in the cabal, as well as the passing of the president’s cousin.

Number 12 of the 34 prophetic messages released by Apostle Suleman on the eve of 2020, says; “The ruling party will fight the presidency.” There presently is disagreement between the presidency and some leaders of the ruling APC, following the disbandment of the national working committee of the party, by an order from President Buhari, which the concerned group called ‘illegal’ and vowed to challenge.

On number 14 of the prophecies, the ‘Oracle of God’ said; “I saw a revelation of many former governors jailed, but some were granted bail before completing their terms.” Although, some former governors are already in jail, including those from the ruling party, a perfect proof of this particular prophecy is the case of former governor of Abia State, Orji Uzor Kalu, who was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment in December 2019 on account of alleged fraud, but was released six months after.

Teaching on the source of prophecy correctness, Apostle Suleman said; “the first loyalty of a prophet is to the truth. To have any credibility, truth and integrity must fill a prophet’s entire life.”

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