2024 New Year Message From Veracity Desk, By Emmanuel Ajibulu

Happy New Year 2024! Veracity Desk Online Magazine (veracitydesk.com.ng) is grateful to all our advertisers, contributors, partners, staff writers, sponsors, esteemed readers, etc for their loyalty, support, readership and friendship throughout the years of our existence.

Like the “Merry Christmas” wish, the “Prosperous New Year” wish also has therapeutic value. Many have had a raw deal in the previous year, while we also yearn for a fruitful 2024. We need that food for the soul, “…a prosperous New Year” wish, to lift up our spirit, strengthen our faith and renew our hope, for what can a broken spirit achieve? What can we achieve without faith? Without hope, nothing really meaningful can be achieved.

Veracity Desk is an independent online magazine, established for the purpose of presenting balanced coverage of events, and of promoting the best interests of Nigeria and the global community.

It owes allegiance to no political party, ethnic community, religious or other interest group. It’s primary commitment is to the integrity and sovereignty of the Federation of Nigeria, and that to the unity and sovereignty of Africa.

It is also a news platform committed to the best tradition and ideals of republican democracy. It believes that it is the responsibility of the state not only to protect and defend the citizen, but also to create the conditions, political, social, economic and cultural, in which all citizens may achieve their highest potential as human beings. It is committed to the principles of individual freedom, but believes that all citizens have duties as well as rights.

Veracity Desk does not, in principle, object to the ideology of free enterprise, since this would be inconsistent with its commitment to individual liberty and freedom. But it believes that the state must intervene judiciously in the economic life of the nation, in order to minimise the adverse effects of free enterprise and ensure that less privileged citizens have reasonable and fair access to the basic necessities of life.

We were severely independent, and predictably, we equally paid direly for our unyielding stance once we agreed it was the truth in line our professional guidelines and ethics. Our stance was regardless of whose ox was gored.

While we are conscious of the fact that year 2023 posed lots of challenges to the information dissemination sector, individual households and the economy at large as a result of the post COVID-19 pandemic realities which seriously took toll on the socio-economic life of everyone, we remain grateful to God still, for giving us opportunity to be thankful despite the vicissitudes of life.

However, to us at Veracity Desk (veracitydesk.com.ng) what this situation has thrown up is that there must be a paradigm shift from our usual way of business practice. It is therefore imperative on us to embrace and align our businesses to the new world order if we must be seen to be relevant, creative and credible.

The management and staff of this reputable news platform will at all times uphold the need for justice, probity in public life, equal access to the nation’s resources, and equal protection under the laws of Nigeria for all citizens.

However, in year 2024 the citizenry actually needs a real prosperous New Year, but not just mere wishes. Real prosperity will not come from only wishes, faith and hope; we also need to take action and be purpose-driven. We must trudge on. Every day, we need to jump out of bed with renewed faith and a spring in our steps, as we go about our business hoping God crowns our efforts with success.

So, fellow Nigerians, it is time to look inwards towards yourself and less on the external, including government, for the way forward in your life. It is a New Year, set goals, not just New Year resolutions, for yourself. Your goals should be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound).

Improve yourself, spend time learning more about your areas of interests and hone your talents. Learn new things. Life is a vast ocean, no matter how much you know, there is still so much you do not know. The world is changing at a fast pace and you either change or perish. If you underachieved in 2023, your limited knowledge or efforts contributed substantially; 2024 might not be different unless you change positively.

Get mentors. When we talk about mentorship, the picture some people have is a mentor and mentee formally sitting and discussing. Sometimes you can make somebody you want to be like a mentor, unknown to him/her. Mentors also include books and television/radio programmes that add value to your life or get you closer to realizing your dreams.

Spend less time on television programmes that only have entertainment value. Also, unless you earn your living from the social media, spend minimal time there. They are time/dream stealers and killers. Spend more time with people who add value to your life or will help you realize your dream.

Develop a positive attitude and learn lessons from everybody you come across and every situation you find yourself, positive or negative. God created us to prosper and be happy, create your prosperity and happiness; do not allow anybody or government deny you. Like Moses, have a staff (a skill, product or something people need and are willing to pay for) in your hands through which God can bless you and do exploits in your life.

On behalf of the management, staff and the entire team of Veracity Desk I wish you a prosperous New Year (2024), not just as food for your soul, but an entitlement. God bless.

Emmanuel Ajibulu
Publisher/CEO/Editor-in-chief (Veracity Desk).

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