2022: New Year Message To Our Readers And Advertisers

On behalf of the entire management and editorial team of veracitydesk.com.ng we begin our annual message to you with heartfelt thanks for your interest in and increased support for us and wish you a happy, healthy, prosperous and successful new year.

At this new dawn of reflection and renewal, we recommit to our primary mission: journalistic excellence. This is a time of keeping close tab on our government and other critical stakeholders that drive our economy and other national interests, it is also a time for promoting truth and fairness about the veracity of news stories, conducting investigative journalism, beaming searchlights on toxic atmosphere of disagreement within various ethnic groups, reflecting on divisions throughout the country and building discussions that can attract workable solutions.

The editorial team of veracitydesk.com.ng also has a resolution it intends to keep: we promise to continue to collect engaging images, videos and photo galleries related to Nigerians and other nationals and to keep you, our dear readers, informed, educated and entertained about breaking stories in Nigeria and in Nigerian communities within and abroad.

With it all, our award-winning staff continues to report on successes and challenges, from sparks of renewal in emerging communities to the reality of our socio-political and economic situations and other challenges that threaten our national security, unity and cohesion. We strive to maintain the highest values of journalism, truth and professional ethics and discipline.

Our editorial and opinion spaces in the new year would also present diverse views and encourage constructive exchanges, even in the face of deep disagreement. We help strengthen our nation when we model respectful conversation and debate, and it is our responsibility to take on difficult subjects, shining a light on delicate issues that need to be explored.

In 2021, with your help, we have achieved significant milestone on the social media and even plans to make 2022 even better! Your feedback, constructive criticism, and, above all, your readership, have proven invaluable in our mission to produce the best news site possible.

We hope you like the updated look of our website and that you will continue to enjoy the content we provide. Our editorial staff will continue to work hard to bring you objective and wide-ranging news from human angle stories and to other general interests stories that are desirable in tandem with global best practices ultimately.

Thank you for the continued trust you have put in our brand. Our ongoing success relies on the loyalty and support from our readers, advertisers, contributors, those that support our course financially and those who offered us consultancy works etc. We look forward to an enjoyable business experience with you this new year, 2022. We sincerely appreciate the trust and confidence you have in us. Let me reassure you again on our commitment to serving you with courtesy and respect for many years to come.

Our esteemed style and innovation wouldn’t have been possible if you didn’t give us feedback about our services in the information dissemination factory.

Thanks to each of you for your continued interest and commitment, and best wishes for a year of good health, happiness, abiding achievements and peace.

Happy new year!


Emmanuel Ajibulu


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