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Mikhail Adejare Adebisi: Goodnight To An Uncommon Patriot

Mikhail Adejare Adebisi’s untimely death came to me as a rude shock. It was one bad news too many for me to comprehend.

He was such a distinguished and seasoned administrator of great value and repute to the Government of both Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola and Alhaji Gboyega Oyetola respectively.

Each time we met, I called him Gorbachev because we both shared his first name, Mikahil, who was a Russian and former Soviet politician. The eighth and last leader of the Soviet Union. He was also the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union from 1985 until 1991.

Late Jare Adebisi, the Gorbachev of Osun politics will continue to live in our minds as a great thinker and stabilizer with illustrious value and virtues. He was a man that hate to discuss person but issues that were relevant to the success of his boss. His loyalty to all his principals during his life time were utterly phenomenal. He was a very committed personality that will be greatly missed by many of us who had encounter with him either as a friend, party man or as an aide to our immediate past Governor and the current one.

He fought many battles among them was a protracted illness, until he painfully and regrettably gave up the ghost, an occurrence which is no doubt a necessary end for every mortal.

It is however convenient for me to say I wish I had the magic wand or power to pray and fast to bring him back to life, because his absence will be greatly felt, likewise his ingenious disposition would equally be missed, but here I am, helpless, as I bid farewell to a wonderful and precious soul whom I held so much in soul high esteem. This isn’t really goodbye, even as I watch you leave Gorbachev. Your memory will always resonate in our hearts, surely they will remain indelible in our minds.

As people literally say, people have doppelganger, I’m sure that wont definitely be like you, if it does exist, because no one can display your genuineness and uniqueness better than you. We can’t have you back but we can tread the path of your good works as well as your illustrious antecedents and lay strong emphasis on your admirable and enduring legacies.

While I found it difficult to detach myself from this present emotional bruises, I will be left with no option but to seek solace in God for fortitude in order to bear this irredeemable and painful exit of a gem at prime of life.

Honestly if only wishes were horses, beggars would ride and unfortunately we can’t turn back the hands of time.

Adieu Gorbachev!

By Hon. (Chief) Rotimi Mikhail Makinde, Former Federal House of Representatives Member in the 7th Assembly.

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